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Show Feeder

Cedar feeder w/PVC rack

Call to Order: 503-310-9367
Our cedar show feeders are the perfect to your pen at a show. Load your bale of hay in it at home, load into your trailer with your animals, and, when you arrive at the show, simply wheel it into your animal pen for instant feeding.

These feeders are not only great looking (made from cedar by a quality craftsman), but they serve several important purposes.....

1. They are easy to manage/move around, whether at a show or at your farm. The handles and 4-wheel design make it the perfect small farm feeder that can be easily moved by even youngsters.
2. Reduces hay waste with racks on top that move down as your animals eat
3. Since your animals are unable to get their heads into the hay and "root" around, they have cleaner head/face fiber AND less chance of getting hay in their eyes.
4. Able to be customized to fit YOUR bales of hay

Product Specifications
Product Specs Sized to fit a bale of hay (approx. 4' long, 24" wide)
4 Wheels to move easily
Handles for maneuvering
PVC grate on top of hay to prevent waste/hay in eyes/fiber
No waste design