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Effective 12/1/08, our daily agisting rate is $3.50/day. All agisting charges are billed the 1st of the month with payment due by the 25th of the month. Payments not received by the 25th are subject to a $25.00 late fee.

Call to Order: 503-310-9367
We are happy to offer agisting services for single animals or multiple members of your herd. All agisted animals are treated as our own and are integrated into our herd afer quarantine period.

Our daily agisting charges include day-to-day care, annual CDT shots, toenail trimming, as needed, A&D, and worming, as needed. Any additional care, medication, vet visits, etc. will be charged to agistor for actual costs + farm time.

Our 50-acre farm offers large pastures and sacrifice pens for over-nighting. This gives us the ability to check all animals in the morning, making sure no one has hay in their eye, diarrhea, limping, etc. Feed includes free-choice orchard grass hay and daily supplement grain, formulated especially for alpacas in our part of the country.

Our resident Great Pyrenees LGD's are on duty 24/7, guarding our valuable herd. Our dogs have access to all pens, are excellent guards and they are very respectful to all animals on the property!