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About Us

Wings and A Prayer Alpacas was established in 1998 - over 20 years doing what we love! Our original "plan" was to enjoy our animals, the lifestyle they offer, and maybe even make a little "extra" money for our future. Our alpaca adventure started with just one female and has grown to a height of nearly 200 animals over the years. Our current herd consists of approximately 60 animals, mainly suris, and we are committed to raising the bar on the quality of our herd each year when we choose our breedings.

Prior to alpacas, Randy worked as a Journeyman Mechanic and Barbara was an executive secretary. When our herd kept growing and we were running out of day after working away from the farm and then coming home to "do the alpacas", we realized something had to change - and fast! Randy quit his "paycheck" job in May of 2003 to operate Wings and A Prayer Alpacas full time. Barbara's job was permanently eliminated in July of 2003 and we have been full time alpaca farmers ever since, never once looking back. We feel very fortunate to have found alpacas when we did, and have been able to "retire" from our normal J.O.B. (Just Over Broke!). These animals are our passion AND our livelihood.

The toughest bite for new breeders (and seasoned ones, too!) is the sticker shock when looking to purchase breeding stock. As we found out when purchasing our first animals, most alpaca breeders will find a way to be creative when buying (AND selling!) animals. Our herd at Wings and A Prayer Alpacas has been purchased through buying & selling cars (Randy's hobby), cashing in 401K's, refinancing our home, etc. We even talked mom into buying 1/2 of a female with us (just had to have her!!) Where there's a will, there's a way, and we just made it happen.

In July of 2007 Wings and A Prayer Alpacas moved to our new farm in beautiful Amity, OR. Amidst the wineries and rolling hills we have finally found "the farm" that will support our animals and our quest for serenity and room to spread out. We are very easy to find, located on the way to the Oregon coast, Salem, Portland, and, did I mention wineries?!?

We also have a retail alpaca store located on the farm. If we're home, it's open, whether the sign says so or not! You'll find a selection of alpaca clothing, home decorating accessories, and everything alpaca. Inventory is growing and constantly changing. What a great feeling it is to have the complete circle, from raising our alpacas to the finished products, made from their incredible fiber. And, if you're looking for something specific and don't see it in our store, please ask - we're happy to try and locate for you.

Our herdsires have taken Wings and A Prayer Alpacas to a new level and we have many visiting females (and assorted crias) coming and going for breedings. We have a complete color range from black to white, males, females, weanlings, bred females, fiber animals, and packages. Our farm is always open to anyone who wants to come by and see or talk about alpacas, whether you are seasoned breeders or merely interested in learning more about alpacas and the lifestyle they offer. If we're home, our farm (and our alpaca store) is open - welcome!

Thanks for your interest in alpacas - we know you will enjoy learning about them and visiting farms in your area. Please call to schedule your farm visit at Wings and A Prayer Alpacas and let us introduce you to our animals and our lifestyle. Our farm visits are by appointment only and there is a minimal charge for hand's on visits and learning about our wonderful animals. Please inquire before visiting. Oh, and you have to meet the resident livestock guardians, our wonderful Great Pyrenees guardian dogs. And, if you're lucky, we may just have a litter of puppies on the farm!

Our Goals

  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products
  • To provide the best customer service possible
  • To promote the need for Alpacas to the community
  • To always treat customers the way WE want to be treated
  • To always remain ethical and trustworthy
  • To be full-time mentors to all who seek us out

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