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Suri Alpacas for Sale

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Open (Female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
ESP's Rey Suri Open (Female) True Black 5 yrs $5500.00
WAP Madison by Oliver Twist Suri Open (Female) Light Brown 2 yrs $5500.00
WMSA Silver Moon Suri Open (Female) Medium Silver Grey 1 yr $4900.00

Bred (Female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Black's Sundae   Suri Bred (Female) True Black 13 yrs $3500.00
Commandor's Lady Godiva of WAP   Suri Bred (Female) Dark Brown 6 yrs $3500.00
Fiery Cross' Goldyn Sunshyne   Suri Bred (Female) Medium Fawn 2 yrs $4500.00
Moonglow by Young Josef   Suri Bred (Female) White 2 yrs $5500.00
Olivia de Hav-a-Lock of WAP   Suri Bred (Female) Medium Brown 8 yrs $15000.00
Santana's Accoyo Moon Flower   Suri Bred (Female) White 10 yrs $4500.00
Temptation by Fiery Cross of WAP   Suri Bred (Female) White 5 yrs $15000.00
WAP American Dream by Black Label   Suri Bred (Female) Medium Brown 10 yrs $3500.00
WAP Black Betty by Oliver Twist   Suri Bred (Female) True Black 2 yrs $7500.00
WAP Delicia by Kahuna   Suri Bred (Female) White 13 yrs $18000.00
WAP Hailie by Oliver Twist   Suri Bred (Female) Medium Fawn 2 yrs $15000.00
WAP Licorice by Fabian   Suri Bred (Female) True Black 11 yrs $5500.00
WAP Mercedes by Commandor   Suri Bred (Female) Light Fawn 4 yrs $3500.00
WAP Red Vine by Argo   Suri Bred (Female) Medium Brown 5 yrs $4500.00
WAP Sapphire by Carbon Fiber   Suri Bred (Female) Beige 13 yrs $4500.00
WAP Wyuna's Wowza   Suri Bred (Female) Medium Brown 7 yrs $10500.00


Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Enzo by Fiery Cross of WAP Suri Male Medium Brown 3 yrs $9500.00
Stud Fee: $2000.00
WAP Checkmate by Commandor Suri Male Dark Fawn 2 yrs $9500.00
WAP Veyron by Oliver Twist Suri Male Medium Brown 2 yrs Ask for Price
WAP Zircon by Commandor Suri Male White 2 yrs Ask for Price

Herdsire (Male)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Commandor's Defender of WAP Suri Herdsire (Male) Light Fawn 7 yrs $15000.00
Stud Fee: $2000.00
Ladue Suri Herdsire (Male) Dark Rose Grey 5 yrs $7500.00
Stud Fee: $2500.00
WAP Argo by Commandor Suri Herdsire (Male) Medium Brown 10 yrs $4500.00
Stud Fee: $1500.00
WAP Man-O-War by Maserati Suri Herdsire (Male) Medium Brown 12 yrs $5000.00
Stud Fee: $1000.00
WAP's Bentley Suri Herdsire (Male) Dark Brown 5 yrs $7500.00
Stud Fee: $1500.00
Young Josef Suri Herdsire (Male) White 13 yrs Ask for Price
Stud Fee: $1500.00